Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Lustgarten - a beautiful old village in Germany.

I spent a few hours around this area last Saturday, truly stepping 'back in time'  in this old village about 35 klms from Berlin! Scroll down to view all the images of the old buildings and streets...

Lustgarten is a small village that is part of Strausberg, towards the Polish border. Strausberg was founded around 1240 and in 1333 its first town hall was built. Today an historic defensive wall borders the old town.


 Strausberg is 30km east of Berlin (in the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf) and 30 km to the west of Kostrzyn, at the Polish border. The town is divided into nine boroughs (Gebiet): Fasanenpark, Gartenstadt, Hegermühle, Neue Mühle, Postbruch, Schillerhöhe, Strausberg Nord, Strausberg Stadt and Vorstadt. The municipality has three hamlets (Ortsteile)

 Strausberg covers an area of 68 km2. Over 750 years old, it has a population of approx. 26,300 (the largest in its district). There are over 1500 businesses and 100 km of footpath. It is known as "Die grüne Stadt am See" (the green city by the lake). Strausberg's forest and lakes are attractive, family friendly, and great for sporting. Its biggest lake is the "Straussee", located between the town and the biggest forest, the "Strausberger Wald". The forest and water protection nurtures a unique environment.

and they still have all these old cobblestones!


It is a beautiful old area of Germany, truly a photographers paradise.

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cajunsis said...

I look at your pictures and there is one thing I notice consistently about all of them - the lack of people. I would think this would be a bustling area. Was it too cold for everyone? The old village is wonderful. Can you imagine that many years of history? How did they build those buildings 750 years ago without heavy machinery? Cobblestone streets are bumpy - we used to have them in the town I grew up in.

Great pics as usual. I wouldn't expect anything less :-)

Jens Knoblich said...

can i use one of this beautiful photos in my blog?

It's a blog about politics in our city Strausberg.