Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Monday evening with Suxin

Yesterday I had a call from our friend Suxin asking to meet up and share a meal last night.

I walked to where she lives near by. As I was walking along it made me think how safe I feel here in Singapore at any time of the day or night ..... I certainly would not feel this safe walking along a quiet roadway where we used to live in Melbourne, Australia.

Suxin wanted to eat at Bukit Batok East ..... it has been sometime since we last ate there. In fact I think it would have been October last year when we had dinner with Bernie and Mike... and now when I see this photo the memories come flooding back of the lovely times we had while they stayed here with us.
we miss you guys - big time!

But last night was for Suxin and myself ..... we had an interesting time wandering around trying to decide what to eat. Then realised it was getting late and a lot of the stall holders were closing. We rushed over to the "Hello Western Food" and grabbed a couple of Curry Puffs. Don't know what happened to the Curry part in mine, tasted more like a Pepper Puff!

After our snacks we just walked around the Bukit Batok East area, there are many hawker markets, food stores and community centre's in this part of The Heartlands. A walk around just one apartment block you can see many stores selling a large variety of items. One major supermarkets is open 24/7 as are some of the smaller stores. The bigger stores sell everything you could possibly want including large size bags of rice and other necessities.
Everything is available as you walk around the area and see small stores selling snacks, tissues, biscuits or anything else you may need to keep the "hungries away".

and note that the tray of 30 eggs is selling for $5.25 SGD. 
In Australia just a dozen eggs sells for $6.00 or more.

Even the local bakery that sells Bamboo Charcoal Bread, Greentea and Redbean loaf or the more popular Kaya Bread. But if you have not seen these before, I have added some information below with plenty of links.

There was a bamboo charcoal craze in Malaysia years ago and now they are putting it into bread. Apparently charcoal, especially the bamboo charcoal, is good for you. They claimed there is a lot of health benefits and healing properties.

Bamboo charcoal absorbs chlorine in water and let minerals out, making your skin smooth. Also, the charcoal entirely warms up your body with infrared ray effect, easing stiff shoulders, lumbago, and poor circulation. Bamboo charcoal also absorbs bad odor and toxic substances, and emit negative ion.

Now the Green Tea and Red Bean loaf may not be to your taste, but do go buy a loaf and try it for yourself. While you are at it, get some Bamboo Charcoal Bread too. Hey, why not?

The Kaya toast is a popular snack amongst Malaysians and Singaporeans where kaya is a local favourite spread eaten on toast, fresh bread or cream crackers. Kaya is made of eggs, sugar and coconut milk and flavored with pandan.

Essentially, kaya and usually butter or margarine are spread on two pieces of preferably toasted bread although any untoasted bread can be used and ready to serve. Alternatively, the Kaya jam and butter or margarine can be spread on the same slice of bread.

Malaysians and Singaporeans like to consume this food with a cup of tea or coffee.

After our wander around Bukit Batok East, we headed back home, 
with plans to meet 
"in the morning at the bus stop"
Stay tuned for our Tuesday adventure!! 


Boonsong said...

I did enjoy this. Thanks.

Have a good day, Boonsong

James said...

Thanks for sharing this with me. Your first photo looks like the street just outside of the Jade condo. The feelings and thoughts you shared in your post match my memories of the place and I long to return.