Wednesday, 18 August 2010

our 31 years

well it is now one minute after midnight, so it is now Wednesday August 18th 2010
which means it is our 31st Wedding Anniversary!

31 years of ups and downs with a few inside outs, 
but most of all, so much love and happiness 
we have shared together over that period of time.

Most of our friends know that I had a previous marriage. 
But my second marriage was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. 
I can honestly say with all my heart 
that I could not have a better and more caring husband than I do in John.

The following images will surprise many of my friends here in Singapore! 
But these are to share some of the times we have experienced over the past 31 years.

This would be the earliest photo we have together
 at someones party - 1979
on our wedding day 
with my BFF (Lynne) and my brother (Ron)
August 18 1979
 August 18 1979
 December 2nd 1989
April 2001
August 2001
October 2001
February 9 2007
the day we arrived in Singapore
August 18 2009 
our 30th Wedding Anniversary
and last week at the Government Reception to mark 
the 45th Singapore National Day

am sure there are a few surprises in amongst those photos for many of you!

August 18 1979
a very special day

Leone and John Fabre


Lisa said...

a terrific and moving photomontage

Lisa said...

ps the curiousity about his afro has been satiated