Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sunday - continuing on of the weekend of the NDP and celebrations

Where did I get up to with my weekend of celebrating Singapore's National Day?

Told you about The Reception that we attended on Friday evening, then I told you about the Gala Concert of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra ..... ah yes, I still have not got around to telling you about Sunday.

Well Sunday is supposed to be a Day of Rest right?
and that is just what we did ...... are you surprised?

we did get up early and took 'the boys' for a lovely long walk and then we headed over to the Bukit Batok Village Eating House for breakfast. We are often over at our local food stalls for dinner and occasionally for breakfast as well.

 above is one tea and one coffee, and below is my noodle and dumpling soup.
after breakfast we decided to go to IMM - a shopping mall not too far from us - as John needed to get something for the computer and I wanted a rollaway bag for my camera gear.  We both got what we needed and were back home in a little over an hour.

So yes .... it was a restful Sunday!

and it had to be as we knew Monday was going to be a long day. Monday being August 9th and Singapore's 45th birthday, celebrating it's independence from Malaysia.

stay tuned for Monday's Blog Posting!!


Boonsong said...

Love the photos, especially the noodle and dumpling soup. Thanks for this appetising post.

All the best, Boonsong

Lisa said...

ahh a quiet weekend in Singas :)