Friday, 20 August 2010

wet wet way home ....

I managed to get a blog done about wandering the streets of Little India and the Arab Quarters with Suxin, as seen HERE , but after eating that delicious Mango Ice, I didn't want to spoil it all by adding images of the very wet trip back home!

so here we go:

after our dessert we decided to head off home by bus...... this is the WET bus stop:
and directly across the road from the bus stop in Bukit Timah Road, you can see the water splashing up from the cars:
but we managed to get on the bus grabe a seat and stayed dry....
Suxin gets off the bus at the stop before mine and then it is a five minute walk home .... similar to my distance. As I alighted, the rain was heavy enough to warrant an umbrella and to dodge all the puddles along the way.....
hard to see the water running along the pathway here .... but it surely was! Then once home I noted that the pool was not as enticing as it usually is:
but the sun started to shine soon after
- all is well in my world -

Just a normal day in Singapore dealing 
with buses, weather, rain and getting home!

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