Thursday, 19 August 2010

Tuesday - wandering with Suxin.

Suxin and myself planned on meeting at the bus stop at 11.00am to go to the Arab Quarters to hunt down some fabric. We took bus 66 from Bukit Batok into Little India first off and then walked over to the Arab Street area. I do enjoy wandering around with Suxin. We have similar shopping tastes and style!!

The Arab Street area of Singapore is well known for all types of fabric, from the most creative Royal Silk down to the practical cotton variety, the colours and patterns available is mind boggling.
 But even just walking around the area is facinating, I really do consider this area of Singapore to be one of my favourite. There is so much variety, so many small shophouses, so much colour, some really good smells and some not so good smells!


Singapore has preserved many of its fine old buildings, including the ubiquitous shophouses from the period 1840-1960. A shophouse is a two- or three-story building which serves as a shop cum residence. What strikes you first about the charming Singaporean shophouses are the five-foot walkways—the covered walkways running along the front of the building providing shade to shoppers so that they can go about their business in all weather.

The five-foot walkway was the brainchild of Alexander Laurie Johnston, a prominent merchant of early Singapore. Johnston was a highly respected businessman and compassionate arbitrator for public matters and first chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.
 But we managed to get in and around the shoppers, dodge the people eating lunch, not breathe in as I walk past the store selling Durian, side step whatever is on the pavement, up and down steps and even managed to locate the fabric I was after. Then it was time for some lunch and where does one go when one is in the Arab Quarters?

Alaturka of course...... and as usual, a plate of delicious dips with the Turkish bread goes down well for lunch.

So it was a productive day.

Then Suxin came up with the suggestion of eating dessert. 

Dessert? ..... hmmmmm..... but her suggestion of a delicious Mango Ice had me raring to go. So off we went on THE mission, along North Bridge Road to Liang Seah Street and this is the intersection seen here:

Liang Seah Street - where the (A) is on the map - and we were in Arab Street at the top RH corner of the following map:

These following two images are of Liang Seah Street with it's shophouses and restaurants, but it is well known as the "dessert shop street".
we walked past PORN'S, a sexy Thai restaurant - with no one inside - are people embarrassed to be seen eating here? Or is it that there food is just not up to standard??

but then we came to THE DESSERT SHOP, a dessert shop to top all Dessert Shops!
decisions are to be made ...... important and life threatening decisions. We have a choice, to have or not have....
not have?

NO WAY ..... the choice is WHAT TO HAVE!

Sweet in Heart Snowy Ice ..... but which one?

The Green Tea Flavour, Black Sesame Flavour, Almond Flavour, Banana Flavour, Almond Red Beans Flavour, Strawberry, Durian ..... WHAT? Durian ..... that spoilt the whole selection process .... let's bypass that one.


Mango Cubes, nata-de-coco, passion pearls, passionfruit sauce ..... yep, decision time, thats OUR dessert of choice.

For $5.00 it was big enough to share and it was to die for this is now my all time favourite dessert. 

Thank you Suxin for introducing me to this delicious Mango Snowy Ice.

and I am not even going to spoil this post by adding the photos of the WET trip back home
that is for the next blog posting!!

Stay tuned .....


cajunsis said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I have never heard of that street - will have to check it out. Was the dessert super sweet?

Leone said...
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Leone said...

No not really that sweet at all - it was just perfect! Not as sweet as it looks anyway .... :-)

You do have to go, have even given you the directions!!!

Donna and Gary said...

Looks very tasty... will try next time I am in the area! Keep up the awesome blogging, Leone.

patricia said...

What a wonderful day ended with delicious dessert. I just keep tuning in to your blog. Good post!

Cheerycolours said...

The Mango Passionfruit Flavour dessert looks terribly awesome! I'm heading to dis area of S'pore v. soon! Thanks for the introduction :)

Btw, Porn's is the shortened name of a Thai-born S'pore TV 8 host, Pornsak. The eatery is owned by him and another partner. Though the eatery's name has no sexual origins, the owners obviously tried 2 spice up the eatery with the sexually-connoted name. This place is newly opened this Aug, so it's gonna take some time 2 warm up its business.