Sunday, 24 October 2010

the fishermen and their prahu

The fishermen that live in the kampong of Luar Batang, near the old port area in Jakarta, leave their homes in the early hours of the morning and sometimes of an evening for fishing in the Java Sea. Returning by 4.30am for the Pasar Ikan (fish market) to sell the catch from 5.00am each day.

Here you can see the "prahu", their wooden, canoe-like boats. 

PRAHU: any of various types of Indonesian boats, 
esp. a swift Malay sailing boat built with the lee side flat and balanced by a single outrigger.

above is the catch of squid from that morning drying in the sunshine and below, 
the waters around the boats where the homes of the village of Luar Batang is situated.

 Below is the google map of the area, you can see here it is a very low lying area that floods annually and the residents have the water coming in their homes most days even at high tide.
We continue wandering along the kampongs watery lanes which is home to thousands of residents and the Pasar Ikan, Jakarta's fish market, with the water lapping at our feet.
stay tuned for further blogs on Luar Batang
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