Thursday, 18 November 2010

our new balcony!

John had a couple of days off earlier in the week due to the Hari Raya holiday yesterday (Wednesday Nov 17) ...... so of course we headed off to Batam.

.......... and as everyone knows we have a little villa at Nongsa and go over there for some peace and quiet as often as we can. We had not been for the past 5 weeks as we had some renovation work being done and we were hoping it would be finished this past weekend. But sadly it was not fully completed as there had been a lot of rain in the past few weeks which certainly would have held up any works being done. 
 All good things come to those who wait!

The renovations we had done were some painting and a few other bits and pieces, but the BIG thing we had done was a new balcony on the second level of our villa!

We were expecting it to be completed and to be able to sit out on our new balcony having an early morning coffee ...... but was not to be. Had we realised, we would have waited till the next week to go over. But it was still rather nice to be able to stand out on our balcony and watch the sunrise and even better we could actually lay in bed and see the ships heading up into the South China Sea!  The blue arrow shows the direction we look out to from our villa ..... so yes we can see all the ships traveling in and out of the Singapore Straits .....
we go over again this weekend and hopefully it will be completed ..... nothing much else to do, just a wee bit of painting and hanging of the drapes. The cups, the coffee and the tea are all ready and waiting .... all it needs is us out there on our nice new balcony!!!

above image is coming thru our bedroom.... and on to the balcony as seen below

and then the various views we see from the balcony
 image above is looking direct out to the South China Sea 
and below is over towards Kota Tinggi in Malaysia
the image below shows what the balcony looks like from below, but you can still see the masking tape on the windows in this ..... 
but by next week, we will have better photos to share I am sure!

in September we had an addition in our garden
you can read all about her HERE


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cajunsis said...

Beautiful place Leone. I hope it is done next week. Love seeing the pictures! Euvah