Wednesday, 18 May 2011

what was so entertaining?

coming out of a shopping mall 

- in Bangkok - 

we saw children laying on the pavement that
seemed to be totally absorbed in what they were doing.

from where I stood I could not see what was so entertaining.
Donna took the following photo
and all was revealed
they were watching a movie on their DVD player
oblivious to the people walking around them!

other things we did while in Bangkok were:

stay tuned for more!!

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Miss Footloose said...

Loved that photo, and that little scene with the kids watching a movie. It's the stuff that you come across when traveling that makes it so much fun!

And seeing this, you realize that all the new technology makes the world a smaller place.

PS: I can't sign in here with the name/url choice. I have no OpenID and the google account sends you to a redirect from my old blog. Sorry.

The right link is here: