Friday, 17 June 2011

BeerFest Asia - THIS WEEKEND!!

Before I continue on with the blog posts of Turkey .... I have to jump in here and tell you a little about the third BeerFest Asia sponsored by Singtel !!!
John and I - along with a few friends - went to the BeerFest last night and it was a lot of FUN.... so if anyone is in town this weekend you just have to go.

Over 300 beers to choose from, loads of great music and fun people.
The BeerFest finishes on Sunday night ... so make sure you get tickets for the weekend. It is worth going along just for the music along with All Star Rolling Stones Tribute, Blues Brothers Tribute, The U2 Show – Achtung Baby, Killer Queen, plus many more .... but on Sunday night there is also the Annual Beerfest Blues Jam by more than 15 top blues musicians. BeerFest is expecting an estimated 30,000 people to attend this weekend.

Do go along ... and the beer is pretty good too!!
 and the graveyard grew over the next few hours!!
we all had a great time and want to thank everyone
- especially Singtel and GoodStuph -
for making it so!

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Alex Lee said...

Ephesus is a very interesting place.. Dislocated my knee cap climbing a headless statue behind the public toilets there 15 years ago!
Did you manage to go to Pamukkale?