Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Kuching - Satok Market

Pasar Minggu in Kuching!

The Sunday Market comes alive beginning Saturday afternoon and runs until Sunday afternoon. The market is quite large, so be prepared for a long walk around all the stalls. We didn't find anything of interest to purchase, not that there wasn't, we were just concerned about the weight for the flight back to Singapore!

It is divided into many sections such as food, fruits, vegetables, fish, potted plants, jungle produce, including wild honey, pets,  clothing, magazines and even toys. The market is like a huge hypermarket, without air-conditioning. Some word of advice, wear shoes when you are entering the 'wet' (fish and chicken) areas. Those areas are wet in nature and the traders might not be ashamed to splash some water to your feet. It is open almost every weekend. However, during big celebrations like Gawai, Chinese New Year or Hari Raya, some stalls at Pasar Minggu are closed. The Pasar Tamu however, which is part of the market with a permanent roofed structure, operates on a daily basis.

Walking from one stall to another there is a vast range of foods available to eat.

This market, locally known in Malay as 'Pasar Minggu', is a Kuching institution that dates back several decades. Every weekend, traders and farmers from around the city and the surrounding villages and longhouses converge on a compact area in the Satok neighbourhood, setting up wooden stalls and colourful tarpaulin rain covers, and sell their products, ranging from fresh fish to wild jungle ferns, power tools to herbal cure-alls.

It's a garrulous gathering and a large proportion of the neighbourhood's residents, and some from farther away, show up to do their grocery shopping for the week. It is also a boon for self-catering travellers.

Next blog post will be of the lovely fresh fruits and vegetables we saw there!

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