Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Food in Flight - Malaysian Airlines

as I mentioned in my previous post, we flew to Langkawi last weekend for some R + R ...... we flew Malaysian Airlines and found them to quite comfortable, certainly no worse than many other airlines!

Of course, the meals are nothing compared to first class with SIA, ANA or JAL:

The food on Malaysian Airlines was quite good ...... the flight was only about an hour an 20 minutes from Singapore to Penang, yet in that time they managed to serve a hot meal complete with drinks. Even the 20 minute flight to Langkawi from Penang they still managed to serve fruit juice ... that was impressive!

On the reverse side of that cardboard 'slide' over the food 'tray' it has:

Food makes up 45% of the average household waste, which is disposed into landfills, a major source of global warming. This mealbox is made from 100% sugar cane fibres and is fully biodegradable, whereby it is naturally broken down into the earth.

on opening ......

nice meal complete with chocolate, simplified packaging and easy to dispose of!

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