Wednesday, 3 August 2011

a Weekend at the Westin - Langkawi

Last weekend was for total R + R time for us both ... and that's how it was.  We flew from Singapore to Langkawi early Friday morning and we were unpacked and ready for 'anything' by mid afternoon.

From the moment we arrived till we left just after noon on Sunday, we seriously had a lovely time and Saturday was even spent with friends we had not seen for sometime. 

The resort was especially nice, much larger than I expected and a lot more children than I expected as well .... though they did not disturb us at all. Our room was very comfortable and equally as quiet.
We had a balcony with a view across to the pool and out to sea.....

the main lobby was huge with free WiFi and easy access to the other restaurants and bars....

Drinks and food were "Singapore prices' which surprised us as Langkawi is a Duty Free Island.  But it was still enjoyable!
 the staff were excellent as are all Westin Staff .... very friendly, attentive and helpful.

 The pool - or I should say - pools, were wonderful. There was a 2 metre pool for me to 'walk' and do my 40 laps.... then the main pool which they call an infinity pool. Then there was the children's pool, a garden pool complete with fountain and even more pools down at the "Heavenly Spa".....

the Heavenly Spa is certainly worth checking out ... yes it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. The ambiance, the decor, the staff, the massage .... all adds up to a truly wonderful experience!

there is rather a large sandy beach in front of the resort, but early morning or late afternoon you must be aware of the monkeys!
overall, it was a very nice weekend indeed.

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stay tuned for further updates!!


Leong Chye said...

The Westin experience...nice!!! When I was there I couldn't get my boys out of the rock pool, they loved it!! Glad you guys had an enjoyable time and some R&R. BTW, you can also walk down the road and eat at the yacht club at below Singapore prices...sorry, I forgot to mention that to John!

anaklangkawi said...

Hi nice blog & experience..
Will link it in my blog..

In deed Westing is among the best in Langkawi.