Friday, 30 September 2011

beer + food + friends = a good night!

Last Wednesday we went along to the Newcomer Beer Appreciation evening (courtesy of Singtel) with Archipelago brew master, Colin Paige at Timbre Substation – Timbre is a relaxed outdoor bar famous for its live music.

There was plenty of beer tasting, but wine was also on sale for those that do not indulge in a glass of ale.

The  Expat Living’s  evenings are a great way for newcomers to meet around Singapore and the evening at Timbre was no exception.
The food at Timbre was good too ... we had plenty of food along with the beers. The evening started at 7.00pm with an 'ice breaker drink' and at 7.15 Colin Paige started his discussion on Beer appreciation with local food pairings and from 8.30 there were more drinks before the live music started!

all up, a great evening with friends.

 Timbre @ The Substation
45 Armenian Street.
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