Thursday, 29 September 2011

three nights of high octane action!

The 2011 Formula One season is the 62nd FIA Formula One season.

John and I were very lucky to obtain a three day pass for the Singtel Formula one Grand Prix held here in Singapore last weekend and we certainly made the most of the full three days. There was enough entertainment to keep everyone busy!

Singapore represents the future of Formula One and is still the only event on the calendar held entirely at night. As well as looking spectacular, the racing can be tight and the close barriers harshly punish the tiniest of mistakes. The unique spectacle of F1 at night is worth it alone and is the reason that Singapore Grand Prix tickets are always to high in demand year on year.

I cannot claim to be a F1 fan, I really know nothing of the rules. I only know a bit about driving in motorkana's and car rally's, which helps a little with the enjoyment of watching an F1 race. But as for times, rules etc it is all a little beyond me......all I see are the cars whizzing by at an incredible speed, sometimes up to 290 klms per hour!

But its the noise, the atmosphere, the crowds, the entertainment and the cars ..... that add up to the Singtel Singapore F1 weekend being a spectacular weekend in any ones language!

As we entered Gate 7 - for the Bay Grandstand - we immediately purchased our 'survival kits' for $2.00 which included rain jacket and ear plugs. From there we came across many street entertainers .....


John and I were extremely happy with our seats in the Bay Grandstand, we were right in front of the "Floating Platform" which gave us the added opportunity to witness some musical entertainment  as well as seeing the race on two of the large screens.

If anyone is even *thinking* of coming to Singapore for the 2012 Grand Prix on September 23rd 2012, check the following website and watch for when the tickets go on sale:

Believe me.... it will be worth it.

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special thanks to Singtel and Goodstuph for a great weekend!

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