Saturday, 10 September 2011

We will always remember September 11

We will always remember September 11
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In the Depths of the Cool Quiet Forest

In the depths of the cool quiet forest,
I wandered thro’ sun-dappled glades.
I rested midst whispering grasses
And heard the sweet sighing of trees,
As they lifted their arms towards Heaven
Singing their hymns of praise.

My spirit lifted within me,
To see all this beauty He gave,
And a peace and stillness filled me,
In place of my sadness and grief.
For the love in this quiet forest,
Had restored my faith and belief

(Elizabeth Anderson 1963)

Photo taken at Singapore Botanical Gardens, Sunday September 9.


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Snap said...

September 11 is also both of my daughter's birthdays...born two years apart :) :(