Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sentosa Shame!

We have been to Sentosa many times in the past few years, we have watched it grow and develop into an amazingly beautiful and fun place.  

I have written many blog posts about Sentosa Island itself or places we visited while there like Hard Rock Hotel, the Dale Chihuly store or even when we take a visitor there I will blog about the experience.

Yesterday we had dinner with friends, on the way back we had a quick visit to the bathroom near the monorail entrance .......

sadly it was a mess.

I have never seen the bathrooms in this state before and I was ashamed, especially when other visitors came to use the bathroom and wouldn't due to the filthy state it was in as seen here:

admittedly, users of these toilets are ultimately responsible for the mess they leave behind, but unfortunately it reflects on "Sentosa Island" when the staff are not there to clean up - after everyone else!


Camille, Blake, Pierce and baby Asher said...

I felt the same way last time we were there... yuck.

Anonymous said...

That's awful. :-(

Is there a cultural reson why some cultures don't flush the toilet paper? Surely, it's more hygienic (and tidier!) to flush it than continue to place it in a overflowing bin.

Leone Fabre said...

I truly do not know why the paper is not flushed in the toilet ...... to me it is also very unhygenic to have it sitting there or even overflowing the bins.

I see it in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia too.

I think it should be up to the individual to dispose of their own paper/waste, be it IN the toilet or wrapped into a bag and disposed of elsewhere. It is totally unfair to expect the cleaners to come in and remove it.

But IF it is the cleaners responsibilty to remove the above, then it needs to be done more frequently for everyones health and well being. Regardless of where the toilets are located, Sentosa or the local Hawker market.

These are my personal opinions only!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Leone.

rodxroll said...

Provide an attractive giant bin. In Shanghai, most toilet users do not flush the toilet paper (due consideration to chokage, I suppose) but dispose them in the bins which, as usual, are also often inadequate for high-human traffic vicinity.