Friday, 14 October 2011

the Singapore Zoo and the Singapore Gardens!

Looking for something to do over the weekend eh?

You probably have been to the Zoo and the Singapore Botanical Gardens ...... but have you seen it all?
For example, have you had breakfast with the orangutans at the zoo?

It’s not every day you get to have breakfast with charismatic orang utans. In fact, the Singapore Zoo is the only place in the world where you can do so! Don’t miss this award-winning breakfast programme where you can take a photo with them, watch the Asian elephants take their morning bath and get a chance to feed them and then savour a sumptuous buffet spread!!

Have you been able to see the beautiful butterflies and the fish?
In 2012 the Singapore Zoo's "River Safari" will be opening ..... what an adventure that is in store for us!

River life could be showcased in many ways. And the best way would be the one that was experiential – one that would be visually captivating, with a splash of an experience to match. The team, inspired from their research around the world, wanted visitors to have the luxury of seeing the animals go about their lives as they sail along the river. From that ripple of an idea, the River Safari was born.  This is where we will be able to Journey through the world's greatest rivers .... all in one park!

and of course, do not forget the "Night Safari" at the zoo where you can traverse eight geographical regions via three interlinked walking trails and tram route to observe various nocturnal animals from different parts of the world.
And be sure not to miss the Creatures of the Night Show, which feature a half hour of non-stop action. Watch the animal stars demonstrate and amaze you with their predatory and survival instincts.

Have you walked around the Botanical Gardens?

There is more to the gardens than just a few tree's and plants ...... what about the Rainforest Tour that is held on the second Saturday of every month?

Or the National Orchid Garden Tour on the third Saturday of every month?

There are many more 'tours' of the SBG too. Just check the 'events' section of their website.
While there check for whats on at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage on Sunday evening. There is usually a wide range of popular music with tastes for everyone. At the time of writing there is the Singapore Chinese Orchestra on this coming Sunday evening (OCT 16) but you have missed the United States Navy 7th Fleet Band that was on last week!

Symphony Lake is a lake in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore. An artificial lake, it features a large stage known as the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage built on an islet in the middle of the water body.
The SBG has a large programme for children too, including an EcoGarden Tour, a Rainforest trek, a treasure hunt, numbers and shapes and many more .... check the SBG website for all the information.

They can even organise a birthday party in the Childrens Garden!

How about a picnic?

Grab some food, the picnic blanket and have a great day under the trees. Don't forget, the new Circle Line "Botanical Gardens" station will make it so much easier to visit there now!
Take your camera and have a day of capturing the plants, the orchids or the tree's .... focus on one 'item' and save for the rest another day!

Spend a day just absorbing the Orchid Garden.. It is worth it.

Wander around Eco Lake which is the northern most of the three lakes in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is located near Bukit Timah Road, where the Botanic Gardens MRT Station is located.

The EcoLake, with its irregularly sinuous shores, has a soft and natural atmosphere. Fish swim in its clear waters and waterhen, heron and migrant ducks call it home. Perfect spot to sit and dream.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Extension...

To mark its 150th Anniversary, an additional 9.8 hectares of parkland will be added to the Botanic Gardens at Tyersall Avenue.  This will form a seamless extension to the west of the Gardens, bringing the total area of the Gardens to almost 74 hectares.  Together, they will form an enlarged forest habitat and an important ex-situ conservation area.  This enlarged scientific asset will play an integral role in strengthening the Gardens as an important tropical institute for research, conservation and education.  The extension will also provide even more opportunities for Singaporeans and foreign visitors to enjoy this unique green space set within our beautiful city.   

Will upload another blog post at a later date on other things 
to see and do - for a weekend - in Singapore.

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Singapore Zoo and the Botanical Gardens.

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