Wednesday, 4 January 2012

John Fabre & Associates


John's website went live tonight!!

John Fabre and Associates is a boutique agency focused on how consumers and businesses can genuinely benefit from our changing world. I choose to work with associates in applying creative, communication and business management skills to align brand aspirations and consumer needs in an experience consumption driven world. We all bring different skill sets.

We work to deliver the best possible product and service experience based on a deep understanding of consumers, commercial positioning and strategic intent.

We have experience doing this. Extensive commercial background in human factors (safety and usability engineering), human-centered design, creative design, design thinking and leadership, allows us to formulate compelling solutions aligned to consumer needs and brand tenets.

We value excellence, quality and leadership. We believe that consumers deserve and value great experiences. We empathize with both consumers and organizations wishing to make a difference. Simply put, more of the same products and services, delivered in the same manner, benefit no one.

We are a team, with each client project resourced on its own merits and there are 'no canned' solutions.

In a crowded world, small is big, simple is best, and being authentic is absolute. We search for the essence of good design to give rise to effective solutions.

We operate in Asia and Australia. Our associates in Singapore and Australia are among the finest creative talents and people centric leaders in the region.

What's more we believe in the idea that simple, old-fashioned service and value still resonates. 

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