Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The ArtScience Museum - Singapore!!

The ArtScience Museum certainly looked spectacular on New Years Eve (2011) and was a colourful addition to Marina Bay!!

The Museum is certainly a "must visit" if you are a visitor to Singapore, or if you are a resident of Singapore then its a "must visit' for more than the odd occasion!

There are events happening all year long and are constantly changing as well.
For the permanent exhibition, the ArtScience Gallery consists of three galleries - Curiosity, Inspiration, Expression. Visitors go through these galleries to explore the connections between the arts and the sciences, and undergo their own journey of creativity. So far there have been SEVEN touring exhibitions, with many more being planned.

ArtScience Museum is one of the attractions at Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort in Singapore owned by the US Las Vegas Sands company. Opened on 17 February 2011 by Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, it is the world's first ArtScience museum.

Although it has a permanent exhibition, ArtScience Gallery, the ArtScience Museum mainly hosts touring exhibitions curated by other museums. These visiting exhibitions are recast through the lens of ArtScience.

The architecture is said be a form reminiscent of a lotus flower. It is designed by the architect Moshe Safdie.

Referred to as "The Welcoming Hand of Singapore" by Las Vegas Sands chairman Sheldon Adelson, the ArtScience Museum is anchored by a round base in the middle, with ten extensions referred to as "fingers". The design concept for each finger denotes various gallery spaces sporting skylights at the "fingertips" which are included as sustainable illumination for the dramatically curved interior walls.

and during the daytime, it still looks spectacular!

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