Saturday 12 May 2007

Ice Cream Sandwich!!!

Today we wandered into the city, and apart from me buying a new camera (yay!!) we had ice cream......... Now most of you that have read my story of THE GREEN BREAD here on the blog, will be happy to see that I have now tried RAINBOW BREAD!!

But here it is 5 hours later...and I am still feeling the effects of the ice cream...quite GREEN in fact!!

Ice cream is served here in rectangular wedges between either 2 wafers or a large slice of multi-colored bread. I tried mango ice cream choosing it over flavors like red bean paste, seaweed, sweet corn etc. Lynne had a raspberry ice cream, I had the mango ice cream and John (the ever cautious John) had chocolate ice cream with wafers.!!


Anonymous said...

I am sitting in the condo of Nathalie in Toronto and catching up with your blog.
Very interesting reading and beautiful photos.
Keep it up as they are a nice way to keep in touch.
The ice cream looks fabulous, but never tasted it as a sandwich. Must try that wih Baskin Robins ice cream here.


mike said...

Question. What does the bread taste like? Is it basically white bread with a little spice?

Leone Fabre said...

Just plain white bread taste ... Singapore bread is sweet though. Even wholemeal bread is sweet!

No spice added.

The 'green' is Pandan Bread: