Thursday, 27 November 2008

our visit to Blackwood in Victoria, Australia!

well, I really don't know where to start!!

we left Singapore on Friday November 14 .... We boarded the flight at 9.00pm on Friday and did not leave till just on 9.30 ...OVER an hour late.......couldn't believe it. Then once on board the inflight entertainment was not working so they re-booted it, still did not work no music, movie etc ..... not only that, the reading light was ON all would not turn OFF the complete night. So no sleep of course!!!

Was not the best flight, a bit bumpy, but sleep was quite impossible with the light on all night.
Dinner was just so so, we wanted the Asian noodles with vegies, but by the time they got to us they had ran out, so all that was left was lamb curry. I didn't eat it, John did tho because he was so hungry by this time, as it was about 10.30pm!!!

So that was our overnight flight on Friday!!
.......... anyway off we headed to Melbourne, our reason for going was to sort, pack, store and clean the holiday house at Blackwood (Victoria, Australia) with the view to leasing it long term.

Photo's are of Blackwood Cottage:

Never have I worked so hard, well I should say, never have WE worked so hard..... that is John and myself.

It took five full days to sort thru all the furniture, the cupboards, the store room etc.

So much to do.

Not only that the garden area was a complete mess.

John was horrified as he had always kept it neat and tidy. But being empty for so long and no-one going there it just became neglected. Of course winter is now over in that part of the world and there have been many storms bringing down branches, leaves and other garden rubbish.

But one full day cleaning and tidying in and around the garden it started to look a million dollars!!!

The other four days was spent inside and under the house.
In that time we also found a tenant for at least 12 mths and a gardener to come in once a month to keep the garden area at least tidy.

it was 5 days full days at Blackwood, but WE DID IT. !!!

The rest of the time in Melbourne was spent with a few family members and friends........ apart from these few highlights, we really did not enjoy our time "back home", it certainly fell short of our expectations!

(more about our visit in the next posting)


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