Monday, 8 December 2008

our weekend at Nongsa Village

we are back after four wonderfully relaxing and peaceful days in Batam....... arrived home late this afternoon and "the boys" were just so excited to see us.

Certainly nice to know we were missed!!

Lisa, Brian and their two children (Max and Gina) house sat for us while we were away.......and in their words they "had a wonderfully, fabulous time and Oscar and Pokey were sweethearts for them".

Pokey and Oscar with John....
We were lucky too as we came home to a wonderfully clean and tidy home and very two very happy boys!

But we really did have the most relaxing four days. We arrived at Nongsa Village at 6.30pm on Thursday. Then on Friday we lazed around reading and playing cards. Sandra and Stephannie came over for a while and we had coffee. I baked two Christmas (fruit) cakes on Friday and I was in "cooking heaven"!!!

Friday night four of us went over to Turi Beach Resort and had a Teppanyaki dinner in the Japenese Restaurant.......

we 'drove' over in our golf buggies.

our buggy at Nongsa Village ...

What a hoot!!!

At one point John missed the roadway and we ended up in the garden....but hey......we managed to get out OK and continue on our merry way down to the restaurant.....tho I do think we had better get brighter lights put on that buggy of ours if we want to be buzzing around late at night!!!

Saturday I baked Peach Danishes for us all for breakfast, we spent some time down by the pool, had a swim or two. Then had coffee with our friends Jamie, Sandra and Stephannie and a few others too. More reading and playing cards.

Sunday we had Heri (the driver) take us into Batam Center so we could get some shopping done. Needed a couple of electric fans, some food to stock up for Christmas, a ladder and a few other bits and pieces.

Pool at Nongsa Village:
We were back in time to go to the BBQ down at the poolside ...... chatted with Bobby and Andrew and ate Mee Goreng Noodles and pizza washed down with Bintang beer!!!

Today (Monday) we left to village at 11.15am to catch the 12 noon ferry back to Singapore.....

an awesome weekend.

but we have to wait TWO WEEKS before we go back again. :-(

December 23!

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