Friday, 16 October 2009

a wander around Little India

When living in or even visiting Singapore, one must visit "LITTLE INDIA" at some point..... there is so much to see, smell, hear, witness, experience and enjoy!

As you step into Little India, be prepared for an assault on the senses! You will be greeted by the strong, heady scent of spices and jasmine garlands, followed by the treasure trove of silverware, brassware, wood carvings and colourful silk saris, dazzling to behold. Pick up a walking guide and start your exploration of this colourful ethnic quarter.

You can purchase just about anything from flower garlands to bracelets, from vegetables to Sari's, from fruit to perfume ..... it is all here.

The first Indian settlers in Singapore arrived with Sir Stamford Raffles as assistants and soldiers back in 1819. In the late 19th century, many more Indian immigrants arrived to find work, be it as labourers to build roads or to take up key positions in the civil service.

Today, Little India is the focal point of Singapore's Indian community. Its spice-scented streets beckon you to a cornucopia of ethnic jewelery, jasmine garlands and silk saris. From the large Tekka Centre and Little India Arcade to the small provision shops, Little India is packed with interesting things to discover. During Deepavali (usually between Oct/Nov), the Indian Festival of Lights, Little India is transformed into a fairyland of gaily decorated, brightly lit streets bustling with shoppers.

Colourful temples co-exist side by side with churches and mosques, parrot fortune tellers stationed by the five-foot way and tantalizing scents of spices drifting out from restaurants. Don’t leave Little India without a temporary Henna tattoo or try “Teh Tarik”, a hand pulled cup of tea.

You can't miss the garlands along Little India's "5-foot-ways", they are an enduring sight on Buffalo Road. The walkways outside most colonial shophouses in Singapore are 5 feet wide. A legacy from the colonial town planners. Hence, the name 5-foot-way.

The air is an indescribable mixture of smells - the scents of flowers, incense and spice. Your nostrils must get ready for this unusual mix.

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