Saturday, 17 October 2009

going fishing ..... at The Tekka Market in Singapore

Tekka market was originally known as Tek Kia Kha, meaning "foot of the small bamboos" in Hokkien. This was in reference to the numerous bamboo plants that once grew along the banks of the Rochor Canal. The original Tekka market was built back in the early 20th century, before it was relocated in the early 1980s to its present site across Buffalo Road.

Today, Tekka market is arguably Singapore's largest indoor wet market and boasts an incredible array of seafood, meat and fresh produce including herbs such as fresh dill, lush roma tomatoes and char grilled artichokes, seldom found elsewhere......

we spent most of the morning wandering around the fish stalls of which there were many!

I love wandering around markets, food markets in particular and some of my regular blog readers will remember my other blog posts on markets:

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Ice Delivery at the Tekka Market

.... other food photos of the Tekka Centre will be in the next blog post.

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