Thursday, 19 November 2009

The eye of the pelican....

Photo take at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore - Sunday December 2 2007.

Jurong Bird Park:

about Pelican Cove:

What an odd collection of contradictions the pelican is! It has an enormous bill but can nimbly use it, and its heavy walk gives way to superb flight and graceful swimming. Come see some of nature's most curious birds at Pelican Cove.

The Jurong BirdPark brings you the world's most complete collection of pelicans in the world at Pelican Cove, where all 7 species of pelicans can be found.

Highlights of Pelican Cove

World's FIRST underwater viewing gallery for pelicans, diving for their fish during feeding time.

Stroll along the boardwalk that brings you up-close and personal to the birds .

Have fun finding out more about these big birds from the interactive signages .

Marvel at the different fishing techniques of these master 'fisherbirds'. .

Unique venue for evening incentive events .

Take the air-conditioned Panorail that dips to water level for a rare ride through a pelican colony .