Tuesday, 1 December 2009

the high cost of a delious breakfast!

We are staying at the Grand Berlin Hotel - part of the Westin Hotel Chain. The ambience is nice, the room is OK, general reception service could be a little better and room service is expensive.

Everywhere is expensive when paying in Euro's ..... even comparing the value of the item / service with the Singapore dollar ... it is expensive. We are starting to look around and locate the lower cost items. We can get coffee at Starbucks cheaper than most other places, yet this would not be the case in Singapore!

The following images are of our breakfast on our first morning at the hotel. It was delicious and there was an excellent arrangement of foods of all varieties, but no noodles!

Below you will see breads, buns, pastries, smoked meats, salami, eggs, juice, cereals, cheeses, crackers, bacon, olives, pesto, hams, sausages and the list goes on...

but keep in mind this breakfast is 40 Euro's per person or in Singapore dollars $83.00.

So our breakfast on Sunday morning cost us $166.00!!

Needless to say we have found a delightful little coffee shop within walking distance to have our coffee and croissant in the mornings.....

this last image is of the extra large jars of honey, jams, syrups and NUTELLA ..... I thought of our daughter when I saw this as she used to love it so much!


Pam said...

looks yummy....I could dive right into that nutella and honey! Glad you found some cheaper alternatives! enjoy!

cajunsis said...

GULP! I think that is OUTRAGEOUS! Yikers! It does look yummy, but I don't see gold on that there spread so I would have to be like you - off to find dirt cheap ;-)

Wow, I cannot believe $160!!

Tanya said...

Argghh we are about to experience a similar exchange rate being that although we live in Cambodia at the moment, where everything is in US dollars, we get paid in NZ dollars and our trip to Italy in 3 weeks will have to be paid for in Euro! I have had sleepless nights especially about feeding two adult sons in Euro. Gorgeous pics Leone Im glad you are having a good time

Leone Fabre said...

paying in Euro for anything - is expensive - you have to watch out for better options all the time.

The Gluhwein at the stand just out the front of the hotel is 2.5 Euro ($5.50 SGD), yet if I walk 100 m down the road it is only 1.5 Euro ($2.50 SGD). It is these minor things you need to watch for.

Postcards are one Euro each, add the postage of one Euro = 2.00 Euro to send a card (about $4.50 SGD) In Singapore can buy the card for 50 c and post it for 50 c anywhere in the world... big difference in value ... regardless of currency!