Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Supermarket shopping in Berlin .......

Supermarket shopping in Berlin ....... we found a great store about 15 mins away from where we are staying.

Stocks everything one would need as you can see by the following images.

But something is missing!!!!


When I asked around for a supermarket, everyone just pointed me towards the 'small corner store', tried maps, couldn't find anything, then got on the bus and went towards what we thought was a large shopping area and we came across the above supermarket!

I had looked for supermarket on line and read the following:

"Do not expect to find large supermarkets like in the USA etc, they do not exist in Berlin"

I found the above supermarket to be large, clean and well stocked .... I doubt that this store would not have what is 'normally' found in a supermarket anywhere else. This was a pleasant surprise!!

We took the bus along Unter Den Linden to Alexanderplatz, the terminating point of the bus anyway.... we found a large shopping mall / complex with everything one could want or need.

and what is missing??


Look back on the images..... hardly anyone around and this was the middle of the day. Unlike Singapore where you have to squeeze in and around people, staff, produce and stock!

What a nice shopping experience.. :-)

Next posting will be about POTSDAM.....

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cajunsis said...

No kidding! I noticed that right away - and the Heinz Curry? Never heard of it before. I am learning so much living overseas :-)