Sunday, 7 February 2010

a wander along the Galleria

Just to wander along the Galleria at Resorts World Sentosa is breathtaking. All the BIG names are there, naturally we are in Singapore you know!


I did manage to take a few photos, but most stores are still being worked on or stock being displayed. You can see that they are targeting the Casino customers ...... but we can all dream.
The grand opening the Galleria took place on Jan 20th - where retail staff have been put through the paces. This retail belt links the Festive Hotel, the casino entrance and Hotel Michael.

Noel Hawkes, vice president, Resort Operations, Resorts World Sentosa, said: "We also have a Swarovski, we have a beauty hall and we have a Swiss shop gallery. We have some very nice new to market brands like Canali, which will open its first retail shop in Singapore as well as a very famous brand from Canada called Damiani, which is a very high-end jewellery shop."

"Apart from these high-end jewellery (shops), we also have our very famous Chihuly gallery. This is going to be very exciting. We have about S$6 million worth of his very beautiful art works and his chandeliers in the casino as well as the Crockfords Tower.

"And now, guests will be able to go and buy smaller pieces which are absolutely fabulous, or some of his wonderful paintings.

"We have also got a Michael Graves gallery - first in the world in fact - and Michael Graves is the one who designed this entire project. He will have his own gallery selling stuff that he designed himself like the whistling teapot."

The completed retail stretch at Resorts World Sentosa is about 300 metres long, with over 20 high-end brands, including the highly anticipated Victoria's Secret boutique.

Mr Hawkes said: "A lot of the retail here is geared towards our casino customers, (and) impulse buying. So that is why we have targeted some of the products. There are very high-end retail, expensive watches, diamonds, jewellery."

About 70 per cent of the resort's entire retail space is expected to be ready by this week. 


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There will be further blog posts shortly on the Casino and other area's of Resorts World Sentosa ...... stay tuned!

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