Sunday, 14 March 2010

a hidden gem in Bukit Batok

The Bukit Batok Clubhouse Civil Service Club is just 5 minutes walk from where we live ...... it opened in June 2007, just 5 months after we arrived here.

We walk past it most days, we see there is a restaurant called the Tree Top Restaurant, we see a banner announcing the bowling lanes ... we never see people walking in and we have only seen the odd car or two going in the car park.

and we have never gone in to see what it was all about either ....... until today. Friends here in Singapore visited there on Friday and were telling us how impressive it was, well we couldn't resist a quick visit. The main attraction seems to be the pool area. There is a huge water slide complete with water lanes as you come flying out at the end .... the force of the water pushes you down these laneways into the main pool.
 It is an interesting area where you can walk around all the pool area's, some for children, one also is a wave pool, another is a spa pool ... there are plenty of shady area's with seating too.
There is much on offer including tennis courts, a gym, a 24 lane bowling alley, a restaurant, a ballroom, seminar rooms, a spa area, classes, tours, wave pool, wine bar and more.
We were amazed at this hidden gem just 5 minutes walk from our place!

These images are just a sample of what we saw while there today at the Civil Services Club.

Guests are welcome and Singaporeans and PR's (like ourselves) are able to become members.

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Berniemac said...

Ooh Leone, I can't believe we didn't see this either. It looks fantastic. Mike and I really miss you guys and Singapore and these pictures looks like my kind of place :-))