Saturday, 8 May 2010

the Konsortium Bus trip up to the Highlands of Malaysia

This blog posting follows the posting I did a couple of weeks ago on Booking the Bus to The Cameron Highlands.

We booked to travel on the overnight Konsortium Bus, leaving Singapore at 10.30pm last night. We were lucky enough to have the Snoozer Bus and we couldn't have had a more comfortable or safer trip than we did last night.

I have documented it with photos that follow, but most of them were taken from the bus window as we were traveling along, so please ignore the blurriness and off kilter aspect of the photos!

Konsortium were very good, we had two bus drivers .... driver number one took us out of Singapore, thru TUAS Control Point and to the first rest area stop at 1.00am. Driver number two took over from there and took us thru to the other side of KL when we had a rest stop at 6.00am and we changed back to driver number one to get us up the long, windy, narrow road to our destination.

All up we had four rest stops, which was excellent for a 10 hour trip. Ladies, remember to take the inevitable 'tissue pak' if you intend to do this trip. If you have traveled thru Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia in the past, you will know what I mean!

The coach seats were super comfy, twice the width of a first class airline seat and much more comfortable. Leg rests and foot rest were all auto controlled as was the individual movie, music and video for each seat.

Our only 'complaint' would be that the bus was very cold ... we were warned it would be, so if you intend to do this trip, make sure you take a light blanket and wear warm, comfortable clothing. Even extra socks and a scarf or pashmina.

But will let the images tell the story:

 Image above is where the bus pulls in at Golden Mile Point on Beach Road in Singapore, and below is the bus we traveled on....
 Above is the Konsortium Office where you collect your 'boarding pass' and wait for the bus ... or there is a food court out the front of it.....
 above is an image of the inside of the bus .. if you book early enough you can choose your seats and I highly recommend the front seats.....
all up we had four rest stops, the image above was our first at 1.00am.... then most of us slept until daybreak when we started to head up into the highlands.....
fabulous scenery all the way up, the trip up this road took nearly two hours. If you suffer any motion sickness it would be advisable to bring what medication you take for it, with you.

It did not affect us, or anyone else on the bus, but maybe we had a really good driver!!

Both drivers we had on this trip were very good, very helpful and courteous.

next blog posting will have to be about the amazing hotel we are staying at:

Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel.

stay tuned.


di said...

Thanks for putting up all of the pics for the Kornsortium bus. Was curious to know if the long ride would be comfortable.

Leone Fabre said...

we have done it three times now and am surprised as to how comforatble it was .... cold though!!

So take something warm for the overnight trip up there.

and they stop about 3 or 4 times for the toilet and food stops.

rosemary said...

hi, thanks for your interesting information about bus! But I book on for my route from Singapore to Cameron highland on 1st July, but not successful. With your experince, can you help me! Thank a lot!!!
regard, Phuong Thao

Bagulia Pilla (SG) said...

It is nice to know about the trip details. we are planing from 22nd oct to 26th oct on this month.
I believe you have much experince for vacation so could you give some plan so that we can enjoy our small vacation ?
thanks in advance

Leone Fabre said...

There is a lot to see and do around the Cameron Highlands....

all my blog posts on Cameron Highlands should be of help to you, even the one on the Smokehouse Hotel. There are links on most of the pages (at the end of the posts) to link you thru to other things to do like Jungle Trekking, the Strawberry Farm etc.

We have been there three times and it is a place I would go back to again and again....

but do stay at the Smokehouse Hotel, am sure you will enjoy the experience.

If you still want more info, then email me at:

leonefabre AT gmail DOR com