Monday, 31 May 2010

Pasir Ris Park - Singapore

Pasir Ris park is among one of the largest in Singapore. The full length of the park is around 6.6 kilometres. ... and we visited here on Friday May 28. We really liked the way it is set out, where families can enjoy time together and we can walk along the pathways or sit on the beach.
Only one problem. There is a place where people hire bicycles and we found most people had no idea how to ride bikes, in particular the teenagers. 

Recreational activities including skating lesson, renting of bicycle, skate, kayaking and other water sports equipment are also available.

So when walking in this park you do have to be extremely careful of others on bikes that have total disregard for any rules that might apply - like keeping to the bike path!
The above signs are painted VERY CLEARLY on all pathways .... the feet obviously means this is where you walk, and the bike sign ... yes, this is where they are supposed to be riding!!!

So many of the younger ones - females in particular - were screaming and laughing as they were riding along, yelling out that they didn't know where the brake was ... and down they went. We were very surprised that we didn't see more accidents, serious accidents. Somehow some authority should enforce the rules in this park before a major accident occurs.

Apart from the concern for safety with the bikes, we did enjoy our walk and watching families enjoy their times together, some were BBQing, some flying kites, others walking, a few napping and even some were fishing.
This coastal park of some 71 hectares includes a 6-hectare mangrove swamp traversed by boardwalks for visitors to appreciate the rich mangrove flora and fauna. This is also a popular spot for birdwatching, cycling, kite flying and swimming. Many families come here for barbeques and picnics by the beach. For a range of seafood and local delicacies, make your way to the Fisherman's Village located by the beachfront.
There is a 6-hectare mangrove forest within Pasir Ris Park. Boardwalks are built into the mangrove forests to enable visitors to explore the natural surroundings easily. Mud crabs, mudskippers and mangrove trees such as Rhizophora and Bruguiera are found in this park.

There is a 3-storey high Bird Watching Tower in the park, where birdwatchers will be able to see birds perching on tree branches.

Also in this park, there is a beach. There are also many other facilities like a cycling track, barbecue pits and dining. Some resorts located near the park have gates linking to the park.

One of the most popular features of Pasir Ris Park is the huge playground located on the western end. This playground is popular with both children and teenagers. It has features such as play stations, slides, and 'space-nets' for the kids, as well as rope climbing, cableways, and basketball courts for the older ones.
 We also noticed about six Fish Farms out in the water between Pulau Ubin and Mainland Singapore ... as seen here:
In one section of the park there is camping allowed. We saw a group of students setting up camp, but what was rather funny was each time they set camp, they decided to move the tent elsewhere!!

They finally settled down and seemed to have a nice little set up going ....

We continued on our walk and located the food stalls where we stopped for dinner and then headed back home to Bukit Batok .... way over the other side of the island!

Nice to spends some time in this park if you are in Singapore.


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