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some of the things we missed ......

By now everyone has heard about our little jaunt to the Cameron Highlands and probably also read a few of the blog posts as seen here:
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this posting is to tell you a bit about the things we missed!!!

There are tour companies that run 2 hour trips, 8 hour trips, half day trips etc. The tours they offer are to places like the Native Village, Mt Brinchang, the Tropical Rain Forest, Jungle Trekking, Parit Water Fall, The Butterfly Farm, The Buddhist Temple, the Honey Bee Farm, the Market Square, Cactus Valley, the Aboriginal Resettlement, the Mossy Forest,  to watch a Sewang Dance and of course the Boh Tea Plantation and the Strawberry Farm. Both of which we had seen on our recent trip.

So if you are wondering IF you should go and IF there would be things to see and do, all I can say is GO and YES there is plenty to see and do!

The blog posting HERE is about a trip up to Mt Brinchang.

 The URL HERE is about the "Nature Escapes" and walking trails as is THIS ONE,  both worth checking out if you are going to visit the Cameron Highlands.

This website (HERE) is about the many waterfalls of the Cameron Highlands.

The Robinson Falls are a series of magnificent water cascades down a steep hill slope in a forested area, located near Tanah Rata Town. To reach it, visitors need to follow the road that leads to the hospital from Tanah Rata. A quick turning to the left just before the uphill slope to the hospital will take you to the entrance of the jungle walk to Robinson Falls.

The jungle walks leads downstream to the main waterfall area, which can be reached in as little as 10 minutes. There is no proper swimming area, and the waterfall is only good for looking at and photography as you cannot head down to the shore due to the steep terrain. The waterfalls is also hopelessly polluted by drain water from farms, giving it a putrid stench.
Here is another WEBSITE about the Cameron Highlands, giving detailed information about the  Highlands:
The Cameron Highlands are the largest and most genteel of the hill resorts in Malaysia. It's located in Pahang's north-western corner, at an altitude of 1,829 meters. The Cameron Highlands were discovered by William Cameron in 1885. In these days the British planters realized that those mountains were very fertile. Because tea was  prized commodity among the colonies, they decided to grow tea on the slopes of the Cameron Highlands.

British families who were stationed in Malaysia at the time also took to hills in a respite from the hot, humid tin mines and rubber plantations. Some of the old bungalows, which they left behind are still being preserved for viewing by tourist, with a few facilities added for the conveniences of visitors. So, much of the character of the Cameron Highlands has remained unchanged since colonial times.
 The worlds largest flower is found in Malaysia and Indonesia ..... but more are found in the Cameron Highlands.

Rafflesia are endemic to Southeast Asia recorded 17 known species, the Rafflesia flowers have been found only in Indonesia - Sumatra and Java, Malaysia, including Borneo island and south Thailand. Rafflesias have small, brownish, scale like leaves and fleshy, foul-smelling flowers of various sizes from few inches to meter big in diameter. Rafflesia classified as parasite, which means it just takes the nutrient out of its host.

For extra information on the Cameron Highlands read any of the blog postings above - be it mine or other travel sites.

I have also located a few personal travel blogs and you may like to have a look at:

I am going to the Cameron Highlands again in June with four of my friends - am hoping to perhaps see a few of the things I missed on the last trip!

I think my friends are looking forward to this little adventure!

stay tuned!!

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