Sunday, 16 May 2010

a very tasty strawberry farm ......

While up in the Highlands, we visited the Strawberry Farm, there are many in the area but our driver suggested the largest one as it has a garden and cafe, also sells plants, flowers, cactus and really has quite a large nursery selling pots and garden equipment too. They also advertise that you can come and "pluck you own" ....

We stayed there for awhile wandering around the gardens and stopped to eat a bowl of strawberries with honey and yoghurt. Then finished off with a strawberry smoothie.
I can eat fresh strawberries, but normally do not enjoy strawberry jam, strawberry drinks or really anything with a 'strawberry flavor'. But all this was entirely different, everything was scrumptious!!
 at the strawberry farm they also grow lettuce and other vegetables, all hydroponically. As seen in the following images:
looking at the pots underneath....
and the strawberry plant leaves are huge, I should have used a pencil or some other device to lay alongside to compare sizes.

But what was also 'amusing' were all the signs as we walked up towards the cafe:

and yes, even lettuce juice!!

after having our strawberry smoothie and strawberries and yoghurt ....  we went for a walk thru the gardens as seen in the following images:

next blog posting will be our visit to The Tea Plantation!!

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cajunsis said...

I love fresh strawberries and used to grow my own. Yes they taste very different from store bought ones. Love the pics of the gloxinias - my grands used to grow them by the dozens. Thanks for sharing!

Annabel S Koh said...

A friend had a strawberry farm, in Brisbane, where I come from. When the season is over, he'd say we could go over and pick as much leftover strawberries as we wanted. We brought buckets, like about 10 of them. I had a sore back and sore legs and arms for about a week after. The worst I've ever felt. The next year he asked if we wanted to pick strawberries again... never again!!!