Tuesday, 30 November 2010

an adventure to Kitchen Mart!!

Now you may well ask, what is Kitchen Mart?

Well it's a large warehouse of kitchen ware ... a very large warehouse of anything to do with kitchens, perhaps describes it fairly well. 

Everything that you see at a Hawker Market / Food Hall is what you would see at Kitchen Mart ... except the food!
All the plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, cooking pots, dishes, pots, pans, woks, spatula's, whisks, measuring jugs, tables, table cloths, you name it,
it was there.

of every size and shape imaginable.
The prices were very reasonable too. 

It is located near the Eunos MRT, in the Eunos Industrial Park. So if driving, do take note of the one way streets in this area:
Certainly worth taking the time to go and have a look for yourself. I think it is a place to go 'looking' on your first visit, then when you return you will know what you want and where it is.

Now, go to the GOTHERE website and put in this address:

1039 Eunos Ave 3

It’ll get you there by bus, MRT, car or taxi.

Kitchen Mart looks like this from the street and there seems to be plenty of parking available too:
and then as you walk in ....
surely you would find this irresistible?

and can you see what is missing?

yes .... crowds of people!!!

we found it pleasant to walk around the store without having to side step the customers and staff.

There are other blogs where the Kitchen Mart is mentioned, one being my friend - Andrea - who blogged about her visit a couple of weeks back. You can read Andrea's blog right here:

or take a look at PatriCa's blog:

and there is also the 
The ICS Parent-Teacher Fellowships blog:

but go check it out for yourself!

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Andrea said...

Great post! Great pics! Great place!!

F said...

Oh man, I'm totally venturing over here. You have such informative posts, thanks for sharing!

Laurel said...

I really do love KitchenMart. And the pictures make me feel like I'm there again.

Bimmer said...

I didn't know it existed! Thanks!

Leone Fabre said...

It is a great place for people that love to bake - like yourself!

It has everything you could possibly want or need ... also great for items that are needed for parties. Like large platters, plates, BBQ plates etc .. in fact anything for entertaining!!

I didn't know it existed either until my friend Andrea went there .. but this is where blogs come into there own!!

We all share these wonderful 'finds' and everyone benefits!!