Sunday, 5 December 2010

sights around West Coast Park

Yesterday John and I walked around West Coast Park ...... it had rained heavily around mid day, but by 2.00pm had cleared enough for a perfect walk through this lovely park.

Click here for the blog post on THE WALK.

West Coast Park was first developed in 1979 on a piece of reclaimed land off West Coast Highway, covering an area of 50-ha. It has since been well used by residents from the western region of Singapore. In the late 80s, PSA commenced reclamation on the coastline of the park for port development.
Facilities: Adventure playground, bicycle distance course, fitness corner, exercise garden (including chess garden, foot reflexology facilities and bird cage trellis), grand lawn, sand play area, marsh garden, bird sanctuary, 15 boat-shaped barbeque pits,as seen above, tent pitching ground and dog run corner.

Activities: BBQ, bird-watching, walking, in-line skating, camping, cycling, exercising and kite flying!

There is also PEDAL GO KARTING, this looks like fun and if you want to know more about it, click HERE
West Coast Park is located in West Coast, Singapore, 
parallel to West Coast Highway. 
It is themed ‘Play Centre in the West’. 
The park covers an area of 50 hectares.
there is also an area for boats and imagine this would be a perfect area to watch the sunset or take photos across the waters of the shipping or fishing boats.
but would not advise any fishing!
this one in particular seems to not worry about the 
possibility of a $5000 fine:

make the time to go and enjoy the 
West Coast Park 

the blog post on the walk thru West Coast Park

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James said...

I love your "walk" posts. This one brought back many happy memories of taking my kids to West Coast Park. They loved the playgrounds there. After playing a while, we would walk down to the water and watch the boats while having a snack.