Saturday, 4 December 2010

a walk thru West Coast Park

Today - Saturday December 4 2010 - John and I walked the length of the West Coast Park.

We went by bus and even though it was raining when we left home at 2.00pm it was fine by the time we reached the park just 30 minutes later.

We started the walk at the East end as seen on the following map and finished at the West end where we stopped for drinks (and food!) at the 24 hour McDonalds before catching the bus back home to Bukit Batok.
The park is located in West Coast, Singapore, parallel to West Coast Highway. It is themed ‘Play Centre in the West’. The park covers an area of 50 hectares and is part of the Parks Connector scheme.

Due to limited land mass and high population growth, many parks in Singapore are built on reclaimed land. Similar to East Coast Park and Pasir Ris Park, West Coast Park was developed on a piece of reclaimed land. The park was completed in 1979.
This blog post is about THE WALK only, check later for a new blog posting on facilities at the park .... the walk was so beautiful after all the rain it deserves a posting in it's own right! The walk is 5 klms in length and is used by joggers, walkers and cyclists.
West Coast Park is a sea fronted park stretching 50 hectares and frequented by locals, especially residents living around the Western region of Singapore.

Favored as an exercising spot on weekdays in the mornings and evenings, it is highly popular with picnickers, barbeque groups, and families camping in tents on weekends and especially around local holidays. But today we found it very quiet and only a few brave souls venturing out for some fresh air and exercise!

 We came across a lake with plenty of seating where one could sit and enjoy the tranquility and not too far away there are wide grassy fields within the park for games or 
other activities.
but after the heavy rain today we had to be 
careful where we were walking!
A family-oriented destination, West Coast Park contains an adventure playground within that is good fun for kids and adults too. Sheltered rest huts are also scattered around to protect park-goers from the sudden onslaught of rain.

There are also toilet facilities and drinking water fountains around West Coast Park.

.... and as I look back on the above images, I notice that there is not one person in any of them ..... so yes, it was a very quiet day which was just perfect for walking through the park and enjoying the peace and quiet!

The next blog posting is on the sights we saw 
and the facilities at the park:



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Laurel said...

Looks like somewhere I will have to go. I'm amazed how uncrowded it is. Haven't found that here very much.