Wednesday, 15 December 2010

want to go for a walk?

want to go for a walk?

OK, lets go ..... we can walk along Pasir Panjang Road from Palm Mansions condo to Clementi Road. Do you know where Pasir Panjang Road is situated?

Here is a map of Singapore .....and it is where the A is situated, SW of the Island.
and where the red line is on the following map, near the National University of Singapore.
first we walk out the gate of Palm Mansions and head west....
the following images are of Pasir Panjang Road - starting at the above condo - up as far as Clementi Road.
and we even pass by a Post Office!
at the intersection of Clementi Road and Pasir Panjang Road there are a few small stores, a hardware store, a hairdresser, a 7 Eleven and THE Prata Shop!

so lets stop for a bit and have a Kopi C or maybe a Teh Halia at The Prata Shop while we decide where to go next!

Maybe we can go over to West Coast Park?
Click HERE for a previous walk we did along West Coast Park.... though it is not a problem to do it again, after all it will be right outside our back door after January 26th!


abbeysmum said...

So good to hear you have the new apartment all signed up , I assumed you were moving to Tenerife when I read that post, are you just going for a holiday ?
The new area looks quite pretty and has some handy shops close by.

Taiwoon said...

There is also this very good duck porridge near this place. Location is at the foot of "99 bends" - a windy road near NUS. Looks like normal shop but the porridge is heavenly...esp on a raining day. Go try it