Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sembawang Park

Welcome to one of the most beautiful parks in Singapore - the Sembawang Park. The Sembawang Park is a serene park with a well defined dice design and it is located in the north of Singapore cladding Johore straits. 
The park got its name from the Sembawang Tree (Mesua ferruginea). Far from he madding crowd, this park blends history and heritage in a very unique string. 

The beach is a hunting ground for fishing. The shoreline of Sembawang accommodates a myriad variety of marine life. This beach in Singapore is one of the few remaining natural beaches. 
 The Sembawang Jetty was built in 1940s. Pioneered by British and finished by the Japanese, the Sembawang Jetty today is a celebrated fishing ground and a perfect place to savor the sunset. The Remains of Seletar Pier was used for shifting construction materials by the engineers and the surveyors in 1920 when His Majesty's Naval Base at Sembawang was being built. Today, this place is a great place for fishing. 
The flora and fauna of the park is worth observing. More than 40 species of birds are found here. Old Tembusu trees, Cannon Ball trees, and Malayan Banyan trees shroud the park which also caters Barbecue pits, children's playground, foot reflexology path, 3G Exercise and Elderly fitness station, restroom with shower facilities and1.5 km footpath to the visitors. 

The visitors can also enjoy various adventure sports like boating, camping, cycling, kite flying and many others.

Hmmm..... and I didn't think camping was allowed!
From bus interchange at the Sembawang MRT, bus 882 loops at the Park every 20 minutes. Car parking is available at both the entrances.

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