Wednesday, 31 August 2011

the sun setting over Singapore .....

I had never entered a photo in any competition, that is until recently when Yahoo and Flick decided to run a contest "Yahoo! Singapore Travel Month Photo Contest" and as it said Singapore I was willing to give it a go.
One of my favourite images I have taken OF Singapore is a sunset from the jetty at Batam. It was the day I bought my Nikon D90 from John 3:16 in Funan Mall in Singapore. We were going over to Batam for a few days and that evening I went down to the jetty to have a 'play' with my brand new camera! But the sunset that evening was spectacular as you can see below. 

this is the image I took of the sun setting over Singapore and the one that I entered into the contest being held this month and no PS work done at all:

Sunset over Singapore

as you are a 'follower' of my blog I am asking you to please look at the following website and see the top five images that the judges felt worth winning:

Scroll down to view all FIVE images. Vote for the one you like best by going to the voting panel at the bottom of the page. If using a cell phone or IPad you will not be able to vote ..... you will need to locate a desk top or lap top!!


so would appreciate it if you could vote soon for the photo you feel is the best.



Camille, Blake, Pierce and baby Asher said...

Love the photo and yes I voted for yours...

noras said...

Wow! this photo is amazing. I've just voted and I hope you win