Wednesday, 14 September 2011

McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park - Langwarrin, Australia.

I was recently in Melbourne and while there visited the McClelland Gallery - a Gallery and Sculpture park in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia.  The hours of opening are Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am - 5.00pm, but closed Mondays and some public holidays.
Set in 16 hectares of bush and landscaped gardens just 4 klms east of Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula, the gallery attracts thousands of visitors each year.


It was a lovely day, though cool. The sky was a lovely, clear blue and the wattle tree's were blooming. My sister in law and myself wandered around the park and could have stayed there for hours .... but lunch beckoned, so we sat in the sunshine at the gallery cafe to enjoy our meal of iced coffee and toasted bruschetta and foccaccia.

we both had a wonderful day


Anonymous said... normal circumstances this post would make me homesick but just the sight of that wattle made me want to scratch my eyes out. I am thoroughly enjoying my first September in a very, very long time sans hayfever. :-)

Leone Fabre said...

totally agree ..... I enjoy 'looking' at all these lovely wattle tree's, but can't stay around them for long.

Never had hayfever here (in 5 years) that is until last month when something made it 'kick in', but only for a few days.

But for me the best is that I am totally asthma free in Singapore ... I brought 6 mths suypply of medication, including the nebulisor. But threw it all out after the first year. Not needed at all... yet in Melbourne I would be in the hospital at least once a year.

The humidity here is helping, but some people it works the other way ... no idea why ... all I know is that I seem to be free from asthma and thats what matters to me.

Shudder to think what will happen when I return. :(