Monday, 3 October 2011

Art in the City - The Fullerton Heritage

Dedicated to promoting local art and culture as well as infusing art within the cityscape, The Fullerton Heritage  initiated ‘Art in the City” in 2009. 

The programme showcases art exhibitions and activities at The Fullerton Heritage precinct, which is rich in heritage and culture. Besides providing offering premier venues to host art and cultural programmes, Art in the City’ offers publicity support and organises educational programmes to help both established and budding artists introduce their works to the public.
Lotus Fantasia’  features 20 works by veteran photographer Dr Leo K. K. Wong, who embraces the state-of-the-art multiple exposure and telephoto lens techniques. The works of Dr Wong are both poetic and modernistic with a sublime beauty drawn from Chinese ink painting. The fleeting moments of the lotus in different seasons are meticulously captured in this superb series of photographs.

Dr Wong embraces the state-of-the-art multiple exposure and telephoto lens techniques
and will pledge all proceeds from the sales of artwork to Beyond Social Services.

The exhibition will be at the East Garden Foyer of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore from 29 September to 23 October 2011.

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