Tuesday, 1 November 2011

who was Miss Annie Harper?

Hello, my name is Miss Annie Jessie Harper.

my friends know me as "Nina".

(the above image is off the Titanic Website and is of Rev Harper, Annie Harper and Jessie Leitch)

I was born on Monday 1st January 1906, so yes that means I am now 6 years of age. I lived at Denmark Hill in Surrey, England. My father is the Rev. John Harper with whom I am traveling, along with my cousin, Miss Jessie Leitch. Jessie is also my nanny.

I am a second class passenger on board the RMS Titanic. We, that is my father, my cousin and myself, embarked on this voyage from Southampton, England on Wednesday 10th April 1912.

My ticket cost 33 pounds and we were on our way to Chicago, Illinois in the United States, where my daddy was to conduct a series of revival meetings.

My best playmate - and friend - on the Titanic is Eva Hart. She is 7 years old.

I was rescued from the Titanic by my father, who wrapped me in a blanket and placed me in a lifeboat. Sadly I never saw him again as he went down with the ship.

I died on Thursday 10th April 1986, 
exactly 74 years to the day that I first boarded the RMS Titanic.

When you attend the Titanic Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, in Singapore
you will be given a "Boarding Pass" (see below). Read the reverse side and it will tell you "who you are", what class you are traveling in and who you are traveling with.

keep this handy as you will be using it a couple of times after boarding' the RMS Titanic.

once on board, you will eventually reach the Memorial board, this is where you
will see if "you" have survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic, or not!

This is just one of the amazing "experiences" on board the Titanic Exhibition!

more about Annie Harper is available HERE

please read the blog post on our visit to the Titanic Exhibition here in Singapore.

This is one exhibition not to be missed at the:

some of the above information on Annie Harper is off the Boarding Pass rec'd at the Exhibition. The B + W image plus date of death are off the Titanic Website.

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racheldaffodil said...

When I visited the Titanic Exhibition this afternoon, I was given the boarding pass with Nina's name on it.