Sunday, 4 December 2011

the local "coffee shop" in Hanoi

Ready to grab a cup of coffee?

But which cafe?

So many to choose from.

Which one do you go to for your usual cup of coffee?

But wait .....

we are in Hanoi!

Yes, that's right, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Want to know what the local coffee shop looks like?

Take a close look at the following images and you will see that they are nothing like your "usual hang out", but the atmosphere is still the same, the laughter and the chatter is the same, the networking still goes on and yes, they certainly enjoy one of the best cups of coffee you could possibly ever taste!

Its just the seating that's perhaps a little different and oh yes, not inside in a cosy cafe but sitting outside on the pavement with pedestrians walking around as you drink your coffee and chatter away to your friends.

a little different to your "usual hang out' eh?


HANOI KIDS- volunteer tour guides - hotel can organise if you book well ahead.

KOTO Restaurant  - hotel can book a table for you. 

This is the fourth of many blog postings of our visit to Hanoi and beyond. 

So stay tuned!!

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