Thursday, 7 February 2013

a magical dinner on Halong Bay

The last night of our 3D2N cruise of Halong Bay (on board the Dragons Pearl 3) we were told that we would be having a BBQ on the beach ..... now this sounded pretty good to us, so we watched for this 'beach' as we sailed around the many 'islands' of Halong Bay .....

Once we anchored I couldn't see any beach where we could possibly have our BBQ, but had faith in the crew that they knew where we were and where our dinner would be!

It was dark ..... very, very dark.

We were out in the middle of Halong Bay and could not see any lights at all ... anywhere.

Most of us were sitting around chatting until someone called out to have a look at the lights going up the 'mountain'... Lights? Mountain?

Yes there are hills that pop up all around Halong Bay, but at night the only person that needs to know where they are is the captain of the junk!

But we dutifully look out the side and we see a row of candle lights slowly making their way up the side of the island or hill if you prefer. You can vaguely see what I mean in the following image.....

Next thing we knew we were on the tender and heading towards the lights that we had previously seen in the dark...... and climbing up the 90 steps to reach the top!!

We could peer into the cave at this point as seen in the above image too. 

We soon passed through the cave’s mouth and along the candle-lit pathway for the most enchanting experience I think I have ever had!

You really need the time to allow yourself to be bewitched by the mystical scenery inside. The dinner was an unforgettable experience as much for the delicious and beautifully presented food, as for the romantic setting complete with candles, special lighting and music. 

The BBQ'd food was delicious, had far too much food that included the prawns, crabs, fish, chicken that had been cooked on a ledge just on the outer edge of the cave.

After a whole day packed full of activities, we had anchored at a secluded harbour then enjoyed this amazing dinner in a magical cave. 

Not many people get to do something as special as this!
Relax, enjoy, share,  – it will make your trip even more memorable.

This is the 9th blog posting of our visit to Hanoi and beyond. 

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Miss Footloose said...

What a great experience! I loved your photos,and of course the food...I so adore seafood, especially the Far Eastern dishes!