Sunday, 17 August 2008

to the Arctic Circle we do go ......

I know! I know!

you are wondering why I am writing about the Arctic Circle instead of Singapore eh?

For those that have "just tuned in" may very well wonder why I am not talking about MY LIFE IN SINGAPORE ..... be rest assured friends, I will get back to that eventually!

Its just that while here in Singapore I had the opportunity last July (2008) to take a trip to Alaska with my daughter ........ now, no one in their right mind would pass up an opportunity such as that!

So I need to get thru my holiday there (nearly a month) before I can get back to Singapore tales....... but there is still plenty about Singapore if you care to go hunting thru the archives, otherwise wait a bit and we will get back to MY LIFE IN SINGAPORE once I have finished telling you about Alaska and The Yukon!

Now, where was I?

oh yes........ off to the Arctic Circle.

Now while we were in Fairbanks we decided to take a slight detour to check out the imaginary dotted line called the Arctic Circle..... would have loved to have done the Mail Run by plane or perhaps gone up as far as Barrow by plane....but hindsight is a wonderful thing to have after the event.

So we chose the all day (17 hours) Arctic Circle Drive Adventure tour and we were very happy with that .... we saw a lot and learn't so much. Well worth every minute of the trip. It is run by the Northern Alaska Tour Company out of Fairbanks.

highly recommended.

now that I have finished with the advertizing......lets get on with the photos...... !!!

now this first one is of Janine and I about to cross the Arctic Circle....... oh dear, the allure of an imaginary dotted line is so irresistible!

but the rest of the images are just a very small sample of some of the best scenery we saw along the Dalton Highway and beyond..... in this one you can also see the Alaska Pipeline, but maybe I will do a separate 'posting' for that as it was so amazing!

just a very small sample, but so beautiful. The Tundra area was amazing as much as it was beautiful. The story of the Alaska Pipeline is incredible and well worth reading about. My next posting will be the Alaska Pipeline.

I really did enjoy this trip and the 17 hours of travel passed by far too quickly. It is an area of the world that deserves more than "just a day trip".

stay tuned for the next posting ......... The Alaska Pipeline.

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