Friday, 4 December 2009

The Berliner Tiergarten

The Berlin TierGarten is about a 20 minute walk from our hotel..... and as I had heard quite a bit about it, decided to check it out for myself.

My first reaction was that it was not the 'garden' I expected, no flowers, no leaves, no color ..... but then after wandering around for awhile I realised that the garden in winter has it's own special beauty. No doubt this garden is spectacular in the spring and summer, but if you care to browse down at the images taken during the past few days, you will also see the beauty that is TierGarten in the winter time.

the following info is from Wikipedia....

The Berliner Tiergarten (German for Animal Garden) is the name of both a large park (210 hectares) in the centre of Berlin and a locality within the borough of Mitte. Before German reunification, it was a part of West Berlin. Until Berlin's 2001 administrative reform, Tiergarten was also the name of a borough, consisting of the current Bezirk of Tiergarten (formerly called Tiergarten-Süd) plus Hansaviertel and Moabit. A new system of road and rail tunnels runs under the park towards Berlin's Central Station in nearby Moabit.


you will  find that most of the photos are of pathways 
as there is a lot of work being done within the garden and the area's off the pathways are very wet and muddy.





the image below is of the running map, but have added it here 
so you might have an idea of the size of the park.
The running track - marked in red - is 8.2 Klm long.

There are many gardens around Berlin ..... this is just one of them!

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