Wednesday, 30 December 2009

we walked to the ferry terminal........

We decided to walk to the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal yesterday to meet friends that were coming in on the 10.00am ferry from Tanah Merah in Singapore.

It was a great walk and now we wished we had done this earlier .... our morning walks are usually along the main road to Nongsa Point Marina and back along the beachfront to Nongsa Village. So we were quite adventurous to think about walking to the terminal..... but it did not take us long at all and it really was an easy walk with many interesting things to see along the way....

as seen in the following images:

The above image is the road we see as we turn left out of the main entrance to Nongsa Village and then we walk to the top of the hill and turn right..... the following image is at that corner. Am sure it will not be too many years before all the 'old' style kampongs will be long gone.....

Two men working on building a shop and house ..... the man in the white T Shirt is the man that made my boat. He is incredibly clever with his hands.

above is one of the local homes and below is a roadside stall 
along the road towards the terminal.

above is the pathway across to one of the homes and below is the road
we are still walking along to the terminal....

we passby the old golf course they are redoing
it is plus or minus 300 meters from the roadway!!!

and below is one of the many wildflowers growing alongside the road.

and we continue our journey to the terminal and as we do so
a truck selling kitchen ware passes us.

at last we reach the terminal.

this is the arrival hall to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
the staff here are all very helpful and friendly,
there is also a small duty free store and cafe.

We met our friends that came off the 10.00am ferry
and we caught the shuttle bus back to the village.

we all had a lovely day with lunch at Turi Beach Resort, a walk to the Marina, some time out on the jetty, back to our villa for Iced Tea before they needed to head back to Singapore on the 4.30pm ferry.



Vic Heaney said...

Hello Leone

Sorry, I don't have your e-mail address. We will be in Singapore for one night - 11th January - and want to ask your advice about fish restaurants. Can you please e-mail me at:


Vic Heaney (Big Walker)

cajunsis said...

What a lovely post. I was 'walking' right beside you. I love the flower and I have so much admiration for the man in the white t-shirt. I have SEEN his work - it is amazing. Thanks for sharing.