Saturday, 21 August 2010

a Japanese film and some Thai noodles in Singapore!

Thursday night I met Suxin in at the Singapore National Gallery ...... she was able to get tickets to the opening film of the Japanese Film Festival. 

This year's festival boasts the largest line-up to date, with 32 films shown over 28 screenings, almost triple that of 2009's figures. Japanese Film Festival 2010 is turning the spotlight on YOUTH this August,  from the 19th to 29th at the National Museum’s Gallery Theatre!

Boasting an exciting line-up of more than 20 films on youth by youth, this is the showcase that presents the joys and perils of a fleeting age of innocence. Featuring award-winning films from the Japanese New Wave movement of the 1960s as well as films by the latest young directing talents in Japan, this is a film festival not to be missed and the first film on the agenda - that Suxin and I saw - was BOY.
Based on a shocking true story, a family makes their living by travelling across Japan, throwing their ten-year old son into traffic and faking bruises in order to extort money from unwitting drivers. Amid the intense and desperate struggle for survival and dignity, Boy shows the mixture of love and guilt found in a family as an exploitative trap, and criticises modern Japanese society. As the bruises become real and the prospect of death become too terrifying and sad, the boy questions his “crime”. Shot in scope from Kyushu to Hokkaido, this is one of Oshima's most beautiful, restrained and accessible films.

The Film Festival is being held at the National Museum.
Beautiful building, I need to go back and spend some time wandering around the museum ...... but first of all, we had to eat ...... it was not far to the local Koptiam, so we headed there for some of Suxin's favourite Beef Noodles. They really were delicious!
we hurriedly ate our meal so we could get back to the theatre in time, but I know we will return to have this meal of Beef Noodles again. ..... after the film, we decided to get the bus and return home to Bukit Batok.

Bus 106 returned us home safely by 10.30pm ......

and that ended our Thursday evening.

I certainly enjoy the times we have spent together!

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Boonie S said...

Interesting post and some great photos
The food looks delicious.

All the best, Boonie