Thursday, 5 August 2010

the morning after the day before .....

..... and I know I am blessed to have such wonderful friends.  Birthdays are special in anyone's language, and I don't believe anyone when they say "it's only a birthday, I never think about them". A birthday is SPECIAL for everyone... it is your own special day.

I made sure my two children always enjoyed their birthday's. 

..... and I always enjoy mine, wherever I am, whatever I am doing ..... but it is always made that bit more special by family and friends that greet you for the day.

I had a quick count of my FB comments and it was well over 70, sure I know that FB might remind them all, but it is still nice that people take the time to write a quick comment. It is always appreciated. Then on top of that were all the emails and phone calls too. So yes, I know I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends.

My friend Lesley took me to Lawry's yesterday for a "Little Afternoon Indulgence". Which is Lawry's way of marketing their High Tea. I always enjoy it there .... the service, the food, the ambience .. none can be faulted.

You can read about one of my previous visits (November 2009) by clicking HERE.

I usually have coffee, but I decided this time to have tea .... they bring out a selection for you to choose from. I saw they offered white tea, so chose that one with just "a hint of ginger', I couldn't have chosen better. It was perfect.

For my first 'dish' I ordered Salmon and Cream Cheese Tarts, not had this before and I was not disappointed. They were delicious and creamy with a nice flaky pastry.

Lesley chose the Chicken Brushetta, I have had these before and they are very tasty. Lesley enjoyed hers too.

now for dessert ..... 

why is it so difficult to make a decision?

we asked the waitress what was the dessert of the day - as if we didn't have enough to choose from on the actual menu - but we did ask!!

Tiramisu .....

how could we resist this?

While trying to make the BIG decision, Lesley made a comment that I could choose anything as "it is your birthday" .... little did we know that the waitress took note of that and out they came with the English Trifle, complete with candle, a Happy Birthday on it AND three of them singing Happy Birthday ..... all I can say I am glad it was a quiet day in the restaurant!!

But how nice and thoughtful of them? They took photos of us too. Yes, I know, you can say it is all in the "art of marketing", but they did it ... that is what is important. They thought about it and did it and it was appreciated.

dare I say we shared this as well as our plate of Tiramisu?

but we had a lovely afternoon, and I certainly thank Lesley for making it so enjoyable too.

On arrival home, there were more cards to open from the mail box and then John arrived home soon after and off we went to have a Japanese meal together .....


Boonsong said...

This looks very opulamundo. I'm pleased that you enjoyed such an excellent time.

All the best, Boonsong

B said...

Hello birthday girl, you look wonderful. It sounds like you had a lovely day....just what you deserve.
Love to John and the boys. B&MX